Liberal Arts

The skills most employers value in new hires are the foundation of a liberal arts degree: written and oral communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. Employers look for a strong work ethic, teamwork, initiative, and analytical abilities. These are the specific abilities sharpened by liberal arts courses. Choosing a liberal arts major is one way to prepare for a world where new and unexpected careers are invented every day.

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Degrees and Certificates Offered

Getting your Associate in Arts degree can translate to $360,000 more in lifetime earnings than an H.S. diploma! It can also be a perfect start to a 4-year degree.

Two other specific degrees are offered:

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Academic Subject Certificates
While you’re earning your AA degree, you can explore some subjects in-depth and add a certificate to your resumé, usually without adding additional credits. Offered in:

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Transferring to a Four-Year
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