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William Labby

Math & Science/OCEWD
CE-403 Office Phone: (808) 455 0688
Campus Committee Membership

ICTL, Sustainability, Observatory

Other Responsibilities and Activities

1. Program and Discipline Coordinator for the Associate in Science Degree in Integrated Industrial Technology 2. Program Coordinator for Non-Credit Workforce Development training in Industrial Technology 3. Program Coordinator for Motorcycle Safety Education Program 4. Principal Investigator for Operation Next Training and Certification program. 5. Member of the State of Hawaii Strategic Highway Safety Planning Core Committee, 6. Program Coordinator for the US Navy transportation safety program.

Subjects Taught

IIT 221- Programmable Logic Control Systems
IIT 251- Motor and Motion Control Systems
IIT 271- Distributed Control Systems
IIT 281- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
TRAD 8910/8940 Electrical Academic Coursework for Electrical Apprentices
TRAD 8300/8350 Forklift new operator training and certification
TRAD 5681 Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Mechanical Systems
TRAD 5682 Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Electrical Systems
TRAD 5683 Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Robotics
TRAD 5684 Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) CNC Manufacturing
TRAN 8310 MSF Basic Ridercourse

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