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Behavioral Intervention Team

The Leeward CC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a multi-disciplinary team that includes representatives from Student Services, Mental Health Services, Human Resources, the Waianae Moku Administration, Campus Security, Title IX and Academic Counseling. Our mission is to promote a safe and effective learning and working environment by implementing best practice behavioral management and threat assessment techniques.

If you have concerns about someone you know, or someone whose behavior is negatively affecting you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The BIT can provide support, resources, and assistance to individuals of concern and to those who are affected by concerning behavior. Some examples of concerning behavior are:

    • Self-injurious actions or suicidal thoughts/actions
    • Disruptive behavior in class, online, or other areas of the campus community
    • Threatening, bullying, stalking, or other forms of harassment (in-person or online)
    • Social withdrawal or isolation
    • Substance abuse
    • Uncharacteristically poor academic performance

To report an individual of concern, please use our online reporting form:

Reports can be made anonymously using this form, but our ability to respond and investigate may be limited.

You may contact us via email, or make a report by calling the BIT Chair: Tom Hirsbrunner, Title IX Coordinator, (808) 455-0478.
The BIT is not able to handle emergency situations. Please call Campus Security at (808) 455-0611 in case of an emergency.